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by paganini
8 months ago
Forum: Syntax
Topic: Variable in Conditional Statement
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Variable in Conditional Statement

Hi I'm trying to model the below picture in gams: aaa.jpg and the code that I used is something like: if( off_time(j,k) <= a +b, Cu(j,k)=e=hot(j); elseif off_time(j,k) > a+ b, Cu(j,k)=e=cool(j); ); but it gives me many errors. in y code Cu(j,k) and off_time(j,k) are both positive variables and "a", ...
by paganini
9 months ago
Forum: Solvers
Topic: Bi-level Programming
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Bi-level Programming

Hi everybody I am working on a bi_level problem in GAMS and have some few questions. my problem has one leader and five followers and each follower has a specific constraint and also there are two other constraints which must be shared among all followers . the equation of all followers and their sp...