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by AntonioGomez
3 months ago
Forum: Modeling
Topic: Income elasticity, LES and MPSGE
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Income elasticity, LES and MPSGE

Hi, I am modelling a MPSGE model with a LES for demand. I follow Markusen's model 29 approach for calibration ( Nevertheless, I am not satisfied with this way of calibration when income elasticity is greater than 1. Any advice for Stone-Geary calibration in MPSGE w...
by AntonioGomez
2 years ago
Forum: Syntax
Topic: GTAPinGAMS and sectors
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GTAPinGAMS and sectors

Dear all, The question is addressed to GTAPinGAMS users: I would like to know which is your preferred way to divide one GTAP sector into several subsectors using data from a non-GTAP source for the sub-sectors. In your opinion, which one can be the most efficient way for a GTAPinGAMS user? Thanks! -...