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by djdmlwns
3 months ago
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Topic: execute_unload for zero-dimension variable
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execute_unload for zero-dimension variable

Hi, I am trying to save an optimal solution of variable x (with zero dimension) to gdx file, and retrieve it from gdx to a parameter. So code looks like this. Variable x; Parameter par; Equation *** Solve the problem Execute_unload 'save.gdx', x; Execute_load 'save.gdx', par = x.l; However, the abov...
by djdmlwns
11 months ago
Forum: Solvers
Topic: Marginal values with BARON solver
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Marginal values with BARON solver

Hi, I am a Ph.D. student in chemical engineering at UW-Madison. I tried to obtain marginal values with BARON for a simple NLP problem, and they are not consistent with those from other nonlinear solvers such as IPOPT, CONOPT, etc. Furthermore, BARON does not report the marginal values as shown in th...