Plot in GAMS with gnuplot

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Plot in GAMS with gnuplot

Post by imasteg » 1 year ago

Dear all,

I'm new to GAMS and I'm trying to plot the resulting variables from an optimisation problem with the gnuplot

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, but I'm having difficulties with getting the plot I want.

My optimisation model looks like this:

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         i               battery /B1*B6/ 
         t               PTU     /1*96/

Positive variables
         e(i,t)             energy content
         pG(i,t)       G power
         PV(i,t)       Vpower 
	C		Costs
from the objective function I receive the optimal values of the positive variables and the variables. Now I would like to plot the energy content per PTU for each battery and do the same for the power. Can someone please help? I found several examples for the syntax of gnuplot, but I dont know how to apply it. Thank you in advance!

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Re: Plot in GAMS with gnuplot

Post by Renger » 1 year ago

You definitely do not provide enough information for us to help you. Please read the rules (


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