gamside to solve using IBM dA

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gamside to solve using IBM dA

Postby threedaygoaty » 6 days ago

Hi there, I hope this is an easy question to answer. I have been given a working GAMS/CPLEX model which solves using mip on a laptop. I have a demo of GAMS version 24.9.1. I would like to make the model run on dA.

"When the Kestrel option docloudurl is set, the generated model instance will be automatically translated into an MPS format and send to DOcloud and solved by Cplex in IBM's cloud. So no GAMS/Cplex license is required on your local machine."

It's not clear how to do this and Kestrel is not part of the GAMS demo. I have a base URL and an API key from the IBM demo. I see how they are used with python et al but not GAMS per the above. I have googled and tried lots of permutations of options file, options and other settings in GAMS. If there is a way to get this XML out of GAMS and use the REST interface I could script that, but again some guidance would be great.

Cheers TDG

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