MIP Resource limit exceeded.

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MIP Resource limit exceeded.

Post by Hussain_TUT » 6 months ago


I have a MIP gams code for process scheduling lets say problem A, that give me results after 1000 sec. Now i make another problem where i repeat problem A two times..... with same repeating objective and same constraints etc. It simply repeating my problem A two times but i do not get result in 1000 sec and i got the following message in response ( detail in attached file).

GUB cover cuts applied: 5
Clique cuts applied: 36
Flow cuts applied: 29
Mixed integer rounding cuts applied: 219
Zero-half cuts applied: 23
Gomory fractional cuts applied: 161

Root node processing (before b&c):
Real time = 287.71 sec. (279449.14 ticks)
Sequential b&c:
Real time = 712.33 sec. (795961.02 ticks)
Total (root+branch&cut) = 1000.04 sec. (1075410.15 ticks)
MIP status(108): time limit exceeded, no integer solution
Cplex Time: 1000.04sec (det. 1075410.29 ticks)
CPLEX Error 1217: No solution exists.
Resource limit exceeded, no integer solution found.
--- Restarting execution
--- ModelUW6.gms(820) 10 Mb
--- Reading solution for model FSF
--- Executing after solve: elapsed 0:16:40.901

I even extend the resolution time to 2000 sec using reslim option but still does not work. Theoretically, it should work since i have not added any new constraint that exist between these two problems and currently both are independent of each other. Can anyone have any idea? To me its look like solver resource problem. I am using CPLEX. Any solution or idea?

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