CPLEX error

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CPLEX error

Post by teresarb3 » 10 months ago


I have this error of CPLEX:
CPLEX error 1217 : No solution exists.
Problem is integer infeasible

I ´ve tried to find about it but I didn´t get it. I am using MIP to solve and I don´t understad why is not feasible for MIP.

Thanks a lot. :D

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Re: CPLEX error

Post by bussieck » 10 months ago

Infeasibility is not an error. You can ignore the message "CPLEX error 1217 : No solution exists." the GAMS/CPLEX link tries to extract a solution where there is none. Poor programming. The possible outcomes of an optimization models are optimal, infeasible, or unbounded. All statuses are okay (from a mathematical point of view). You should find out why your model is infeasible. You find plenty of discussions about this in this forum, e.g. viewtopic.php?f=9&p=24487#p24487.


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