Impossible to use 'mipstart' in CPLEX

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Impossible to use 'mipstart' in CPLEX

Post by daniel93 » 9 months ago

Hi, I have a trouble in using 'mipstart' in CPLEX.
As far as I know, in order to activate mipstart, all the values of variables must be set with '.l' before solve statement.
But when i do, it always return message 'MIP start 'm1' defined no solution' and 'Warning: No solution found from 1 MIP status'
First, I thought it might be the problem of infeasibility so i change all the '.l' attribute to '.fx', but it instantly solves problem and returns solution (of course same value as fixed values)
I tried all the other values of mipstart (1~6) but it all failed.

Does anyone know why such a situation occurs?

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Re: Impossible to use 'mipstart' in CPLEX

Post by bussieck » 9 months ago

This sounds strange. Can you provide something to reproduce?


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