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How to get CPLEX time

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:27 pm
by PeterBe
Hi folks,

I am using GAMS with CPLEX as the solver. I want to get the exectution time of the solver (CPLEX time) as a parameter. I serached in the internet and found these two recommendations
Source: ... me_in_gams

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Scalar tcomp, texec, telapsed1;
1tcomp = TimeComp;
texec = TimeExec;
telapsed1 = TimeElapsed;
Display tcomp, texec, telapsed;
Source: ... ution_time

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scalar starttime; starttime = jnow; (at the beginning of the code)
scalar telapsed2; elapsed = (jnow - starttime)*24*3600; (at the end of the code)
Here you see the results of these parameters for a certain run:
tcomp: 7.594
texec: 0
telapsed1: 7.60199998039752
telapsed2: 5.16199988778681

Unfortunately none of them is the exectution time of the solver. Here you see the output by CPLEX:
Root node processing (before b&c):
Real time = 0.28 sec. (196.62 ticks)
Sequential b&c:
Real time = 4.38 sec. (4347.31 ticks)
Total (root+branch&cut) = 4.66 sec. (4543.94 ticks)
MIP status(102): integer optimal, tolerance
Cplex Time: 4.66sec (det. 4543.95 ticks)
Fixing integer variables, and solving final LP...
CPXPARAM_Advance 2
CPXPARAM_ClockType 1
CPXPARAM_Simplex_Limits_Iterations 2000000000
CPXPARAM_TimeLimit 600
CPXPARAM_WorkDir "C:\Users\wi9632\bwSyncAndShare\Graduiertenkolleg\Code\GAMS\Residential Area\225o\"
CPXPARAM_Threads 1
CPXPARAM_Parallel 1
CPXPARAM_Tune_TimeLimit 120
CPXPARAM_MIP_Tolerances_AbsMIPGap 0
CPXPARAM_MIP_Tolerances_MIPGap 1.0000000000000001e-05
Tried aggregator 1 time.
LP Presolve eliminated 2732 rows and 2604 columns.
Aggregator did 1476 substitutions.
Reduced LP has 132 rows, 258 columns, and 388 nonzeros.
Presolve time = 0.00 sec. (2.89 ticks)
Initializing dual steep norms . . .

Iteration log . . .
Iteration: 1 Dual objective = 102089.890948
Fixed MIP status(1): optimal
Cplex Time: 0.02sec (det. 4.75 ticks)

Solution satisfies tolerances.

MIP Solution: 22173.860889 (26508 iterations, 3238 nodes)
Final Solve: 22173.860889 (32 iterations)

Best possible: 22174.082398
Absolute gap: 0.221510
Relative gap: 0.000010

What I basically want is to get the first CPLEX time of 4.66 seconds (it is market in the code). How can I get this? I tried it with both the CPU time and the normal time in the CPLEX option file, but in every case I do not get the CPLEX time.

Does anyone have a clue? I would really appreciate every comment.

Re: How to get CPLEX time

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 10:03 am
by PeterBe
Has noone encoutered a similar problem?