Strange problems about initial point of JAMS solver

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Strange problems about initial point of JAMS solver

Post by jshengdb » 1 month ago

Dear All,

I now have a very strange problems when use jams solver to solve a MOPEC problem. To solve my MOPEC, I will first solve a very similar system optimization problem to get a feasible initial point. (It is feasible since when I fix this initial point and solve the problem, the model status is 2 locally optimal). However, which confuses me is that when I set this initial point, the model status generated by the solver is 5 locally infeasible. In another word, my problem is that I try to solve an MOPEC problem with feasible initial point, but the solve told me the model status is locally infeasible when I try to do this.

My code is attached. The production_test.gms is the main file and the production_risk_v1_dat3.gms is the data file.

The command to solve the system optimization is on line 138 "solve mpsys min sysobj using LP;" and on line 141 - 142 is the commend to fix the initial point. If you can disable this fixing by using $ontext and $offtext on line 140 and line 143.

Hope someone can help me solve my strange problems. Thanks in advance.

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