No conic reformulation recognized for equation eq21(45) with MOSEK

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No conic reformulation recognized for equation eq21(45) with MOSEK

Post by Abhi140 » 5 months ago

Dear All,

Could you please help me out with the following error?
error - 'No conic reformulation recognized for equation eq21(45)'
Solver - MOSEK
Problem type- MINLP (minimization)

The LINDOGLOBAL solver successfully solves the problem. However, MOSEK unable to reformulate the constraint (eq21) into a cone. Please find the portion of the code.

i 'network buses' / 1*56 /
slack(i) 'Substation bus' / 1 /
t / t1*t1 /
mn /Pd,Qd,Qc,Pg,Qg/
mp /r,x,b,Limit/
PVcap(i) / 45 /;

Parameter Simax(i) / 45 2.5/
Cv(i) /45 0.5/
Cr(i) /45 0.25/;

Variables OF, Pij(i,j), Qij(i,j), Pg(i), Qg(i), hij(i,j), Ppv(i), ti(i), Qpv(i);

Positive variable v(i), Lij(i,j), Sij(i,j), S(i);

Binary variables bQc(i);

S(i) =g= sqrt[sqr(Ppv(i)) + sqr[Qpv(i)]];

ti(i) =g= sqr(Ppv(i)) + sqr(Qpv(i));

Qpv(i) =l= sqrt(power((Simax(i)),2)-power(Ppv(i),2));

* Qpv(i) =l= 1.5;

OF =g= sum((i,j)$cx(i,j), Lij(i,j)*LN(i,j,'r')) + sum(i$PVcap(i), Cv(i)*S(i) + Cr(i)*ti(i));

Pg.lo(i)$(slack(i)) = -5;
Pg.up(i)$(slack(i)) = 5;
Qg.lo(i)$(slack(i)) = 0.3287*Pg.lo(i);
Qg.up(i)$(slack(i)) = 0.3287*Pg.up(i);
Qpv.lo(i)$(PVcap(i)) = 0;

S.lo(i)$(PVcap(i)) = 0;
Ppv.fx(i)$(PVcap(i)) = 2;

Also, if I am using =c= operator for MOSEK, the following error appears
mosekgms.c:3323: MSK_GAMS_readtask: Coefficients in =C= equations must be 1 or -1.

Please let me know if I could help you with other information.

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