how to reduce memory use of cplex

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how to reduce memory use of cplex

Postby mchen » 7 months ago

I have a model and use cplex to solve. I already set nodefileind to 3 in the opt file, which means the nodefile will be store in hard disk. However, the program still use a lot of memory, up to 13GB. Is there other ways to further reduce the memory? The version of GAMS I am using is 24.8.3

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Re: how to reduce memory use of cplex

Postby bussieck » 7 months ago


The documentation has a few hints:

But I fear that most of these really won't make much of a difference if the tree gets that large (13GB!) . The options that will make a difference (e.g. nodsel/varsel) will most likely compromise the performance of the solver, i.e. you end up in the same time with a weaker solution and/or bound.


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