cplex unable to load name

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cplex unable to load name

Post by yanzhiping » 11 months ago

I am using cplex.opt to define the LP file through

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I don't use

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names no
Usually it could output lp file with variable names.
But this time it says
unable to load names
I have two options files actually.
I get names in M2.lp rather than in M1.lp.
all the other parameters are the same in these two option files.

Does anyone what to do with it? I need to keep the names otherwise it is meaningless to me.

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Re: cplex unable to load name

Post by bussieck » 11 months ago

Hmmm, there can be a few reasons why the loading of the names fails. First you might have disabled the generation of names inside the GAMS code. One can do this by setting mymodel.dictfile=0; before the solve statement (https://www.gams.com/latest/docs/usergu ... used_b.htm). Another reason could be that you run out of memory when GAMS tries to load the names. If you can't figure this out I suggest you post the entire model plus log files to this forum.


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