Bruce McCarl's Documentation Collection and Tools

Additional documentation and software contributed by GAMS users that help them using GAMS more efficiently.
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Bruce McCarl's Documentation Collection and Tools

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  • GAMS User Guide
    - The document provides an expanded GAMS user guide.
  • - The document provides an introduction to GAMS in the context of agricultural impact analysis.
  • Conditional Compilation.pdf
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    - GAMS provides features which allow one to change the basic structure of model being utilized at compile time. The document presents an overview of how to achieve conditional compilation in GAMS.
  • Creating a User Library for Use in the IDE.pdf
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    - The document covers the creation of a library for use in the IDE.
  • Using a Library in the IDE.pdf
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    - The document covers the usage of a library in the IDE.
  • - The document shows how to incorporate firm level risk into a programming model for agricultural impact analysis.
  • Speeding up GAMS Execution Time.pdf
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    - The document covers the diagnosis, causality and repair of GAMS model execution time and memory usage problems.
  • Using GAMSIDE.pdf
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    - The document provides a GAMSIDE user guide.
  • - The document provides a guide to fixing imperfectly working models. It discusses problem symptoms, ways of finding out more about problems, tools to aid in structural diagnosis and other useful utilities. It was never fully completed but does contain a lot of potentially useful information.
  • Applied Mathematical Programming Using Algebraic Systems by Bruce A. McCarl, Thomas H. Spreen
    - Contents: The first part of the book covers linear solution procedures, duality, modeling, and computational issues. Part II then moves onto nonlinear programming covering the general case, then price endogenous programming, risk incorporation, and integer programming. Part III covers the use of mathematical programming models (fixing improperly working models, validation of programming models, getting the most from a modeling system). GAMS Code of the examples can be downloaded here.

  • GAMSCHK - A system for examining the structure and solution properties of linear programming problems solved using GAMS.
  • GAMS to HTML and
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    - The tool allows users to put a GAMS parameter or set into an HTML table or an Excel file exercising control over the ordering of the sets and the distribution across rows and columns. The zip file contains a writeup and the GAMS code.
  • Uwe A. Schneider and Bruce A. McCarl developed a graphing routine called GNUPLTXY. The tool allows users to plot GAMS data with Gnuplot. Uwe A. Schneider extended the tool into GNUPLTXYZ.

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