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Some GAMS Programming Utilities for Economists by Thomas F. Rutherford

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 10:23 pm
by aileen
Some GAMS Programming Utilities for Economists including:
  • A little GAMS Program that illustrates
    Report Generation with Excel.pdf
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  • Copy Table to Word - Copy non-blank cells from Excel into Word as a Windows metafile graphical image (retaining Excel formatting).
  • qtool - Tools for Systematic Sensitivity Analysis with GAMS and Excel.
  • xlsnz - An Automation Tool for Extracting Numeric Nonzeros from Excel Workbooks.
  • gdxxls - An Automation Tool for Generating Formatted Excel Tables from GAMS GDX Data Files.
  • runjobs - An XP Automation Tool for Parallel Processing of GAMS Jobs.
  • select - Windows menu selection at execution time from a GAMS program, both effective and compact. This utility is less than 4K in two flat files.
  • pivotdata - A little GAMS utility for passing data to XLS files in PivotTable-friendly format.
  • domain - GAMS Utilities for Domain Extraction.
  • xltable - An Automation Tool for Formatting Excel Tables and Charts.
  • xlchart - A LIBINCLUDE Interface to Create Excel Charts from GAMS.
  • Assigning Households to Deciles - A utility routine for assigning households to deciles with (roughly) equal numbers of individuals.
  • shademap - A GAMS Interface to Mark Horridge's SHADEMAP.
  • GDX2DAT and GDXF90 - Tools for Reading and Writing GDX Files.
  • Mapping Tuples to Linear Sets - A GAMS Utility for Mapping Tuples to Linear Sets.
  • gdxhar - Translation Tools for GDX and HAR Files.
  • gdxrank - A Utility for Ranking One-Dimensional Numeric Data.
  • GAMSsm - A Scenario Manager.
  • gams2txt - LIBINCLUDE Tools for Writing GAMS-Readable Data Files.
  • gams2csv - A LIBINCLUDE Tool for Writing Comma-Delimited Data Files.
  • xlwrite - A Console Application for Creating Excel Workbooks from CSV Files.