Having trouble with GAMS

Problems with syntax of GAMS
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Having trouble with GAMS

Post by MAHMOUDRayan » 10 months ago

Good time.

I wrote a source code, but I can not solve with the GAMS software and I encounter the following messages:

Integer infeasible
CPLEX error 1217: No solution exists
MIP status (119) is integer infeasible or unbounded

This project is simple and should be solved by this powerful software.
I searched a lot to solve this problem, but I did not get any results.
This project is important to me.
Help me please. I do not know where the problem can be?

I've added the project as an attachment.
model 2- int - appli.gms
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Re: Having trouble with GAMS

Post by yanzhiping » 9 months ago

You can set solver to Cplex.

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Option mip =cplex;
BCCf1.optfile = 1;
BCCf2.optfile = 2;
creat 2 option files cplex.opt/cplex.op2. cplex.opt is for BCCf1, and cplex.op2 is for BCCf2.
In cplex.opt,
writelp BCCf1.lp
In cplex.op2,
writelp BCCf2.lp
after you get the lp files, test them only for a single iteration.
if they are still infeasible.
use cplex to check the infeasibility.
run cplex in command line of your computer,

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read BCCf1.lp
tools conflict
then it will give your the minimum number of conflict constraints.

Hope it works for you!

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