Edist Function

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Edist Function

Post by bmajeed92 » 1 year ago

How do we use the Edist function? From what I read it is an intrinsic function in GAMS for applying the L2 norm.

For my optimization problem, i have L2 norm inequality constraint. How do I model it in GAMS?
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Re: Edist Function

Post by dirkse » 1 year ago


I tried out the search function within our documentation on our Web site (not the Web site search, but the search within the documentation) . I could search just within model libraries and found a nice example where the edist function is used in the the relief model:

https://www.gams.com/latest/gamslib_ml/ ... elief.html

Searching the User's Guide only gave me a pointer to the edist function and its documentation in the table of functions. The function is defined there. It is used like any other multi-argument function, e.g. max(x,y,3.75).


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