Change Working Directory of GAMS

Problems with syntax of GAMS
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Change Working Directory of GAMS

Post by barsssk » 1 year ago

Hello all,

Is it possible to change working directory that GAMS puts all those .gdx, .txt, .lst files by default ?


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Re: Change Working Directory of GAMS

Post by gamsadmin » 1 year ago

Hi Barsssk

You could use a setlocal or setglobal parameter at the beginning of your file.
For example, if you want to have all your files in the directory results, which is below your model directory, I add:

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$setglobal results .\results\

* Send to results directory
execute_unload "%results%myresults.gdx";
Gams now replaces every occurence of %results% by .\results\

I use this technique for all my subdirectories (data, temp, results), so I keep all stuff nicely separated. In the subdirectory "temp" I save everything that is created during the run and can be recreated easily. The results subdirectory is for excel files that will be filled everytime with new results (if available).



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