Scheduling using precedence

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Scheduling using precedence

Post by ikeato » 9 months ago


I am currently working on a scheduling problem which involves adding a precedence constraint to the model.

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i 'number of blocks' /1,2,36,1851,1885,3,37,1852,1886/
mcs 'number of mutually exclusive sets' /1*7/
mc(mcs,i)'specification of mutually exclusive projects' /1.(2,3,36), 2.(1,36), 3.(1,1851), 4.(2,3), 5.(2,37), 6.(2,1852), 7.(2,1886)/
Please any assitance on how to write an equation for a constraint like this 3X1 - X2 - X3 - X36 for the first set under mc(mcs,i) which is 1.(2,3,36).

The second element [2.(1,36)] should also read like this as a constraint 2X2 - X1 - X36.

The multiplier should be based on the number of precedence in the required element in the mc(mcs,i).

Thanks for any help.


Isaac Sam

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