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Changing labels in gdx file

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:54 pm
by gamsguru

Is there a way to change the label of a set in a gdx file?

I want to do something similar to the example in but instead of changing the names of the values of the set, I want to change the label.

I have tried something like:

Set c / r, g, b, y /;

Parameter A(c);
A(c) = ord(c);

execute_unload 'data.gdx', A;
execute 'gdxdump data.gdx';

Set map(*,*) / c.colour /;
execute_unload 'map.gdx' map;

execute 'gdxrename data map';

execute 'gdxdump data.gdx';

I want this to give A(colour) as the label in the gdx file. But it is still A(c).