getting error 125

Problems with syntax of GAMS
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getting error 125

Post by ibruchem » 2 weeks ago

I am getting error 125 for the equation. Can anyone please help..

Relation_Combined_Installation_and_Expansions (t,s,r,l,k,nn)$plant(s,r,l,k,nn).. isExpNew_Small(t,s,r,l,k,nn)+ isExpNew_Medium(t,s,r,l,k,nn)+ i isExpNew_Large(t,s,r,l,k,nn) =l= sum(t,IsInstall_NewPlant(t,s,r,l,k,nn));

Isinstall is the binry to install a new plant
isexpnew_small is binary to decide small expansion of this new plant
isexpnew_medium is binary to decide medium expansion of this new plant
isexpnew_large is binary to decide large expansion of this new plant

(t,s,r,l,k,nn) - "nn" th in the loction 'l' inside region r producing product s using k technolgy happening in year 't'.

I want ensure that all the expansions is possible only after installation is done.

Please help as I got completely lost to include this condition...

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Re: getting error 125

Post by Renger » 2 weeks ago

You could search for Error 125 in this forum (I believe the same question was posed yesterday and had a good answer). You will find 124 matches of which several explain what is going on.
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