Negative exponential

Problems with syntax of GAMS
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Re: Negative exponential

Post by Alexanre.ito » 6 days ago

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your time.
I have an equation (binary) that I use to select the direction flow, as you explained,
using the example WATER and WATERX from GAMS Model Library.
Probably my problem concerns the conditional flow equation.

am, ir, rh and Q are variables and "mann" is a parameter (constant number)
"i" - initial and "f" final.

I'm not sure, but I think that equation with the other equations, to determine am, ir, rh, and other variables occurred a problem:

I learn a little bit with the manual, so, I'm not sure that is the correct form,
I was just trying and checking if GAMS has no errors.
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Re: Negative exponential

Post by abhosekar » 5 days ago

Sorry it is not clear to me anymore. Were you able to resolve your previous issue with "negative exponential"?
Are you now facing a different issue with infeasibility? Please open a new thread with a clearer description if that's the case.

- Atharv

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