urgent: Unable to open gdx file for $GDXIN

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urgent: Unable to open gdx file for $GDXIN

Post by MES » 7 months ago

When I do run my code in GAMS Studio I get this error. (When I do run it on GAMS IDE it doesn't appear)

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*** GDXIN failed C:\Users\   ....  \j10 Instanz %InstanzNr%.gdx
*** Msg: No such file or directory
I have two parts of the model, the first one is:

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set InstanzNr / 001*050/;
   put_utility 'exec' / 'gams MyModel --InstanzNr="'InstanzNr.tl:0'" lo= %gams.lo% output=C:\Users\  .... \TEST' InstanzNr.tl:0 '.lst  ';
In the second one I do want to open the gdx file

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$gdxin "C:\Users\ .... \j10 Instanz %InstanzNr%.gdx"
So it seems like GAMS does not pass the information of InstanzNr.

What could be the reason for that?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: urgent: Unable to open gdx file for $GDXIN

Post by Renger » 7 months ago

You should uncomment the first InstanzNr.tl:0, e.g.,

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   put_utility 'exec' / "gams MyModel --InstanzNr=" InstanzNr.tl:0 " lo= %gams.lo% output=test" InstanzNr.tl:0".lst";
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