GDXMRW installation issues

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GDXMRW installation issues

Post by hermann.westerholt » 1 year ago


I am using GAMS 25.0.2 in combination with Matlab R2017b on macOS 10.13.3. Generally, this seems to be working fine, but I have recently run into a functionality issue that I have already reported in this thread. I was (and still am) not sure wether my GDXMRW utilities are set up properly, so I ran some functionality tests as recommended on the GAMS website.

Execution of the testfiles gdxmrw03, gdxmrw04, ... results in:

Code: Select all

--- Job gdxmrw03 Start 02/21/18 18:31:55 25.0.2 r65346 DEX-DEG x86 64bit/Mac OS X
GAMS 25.0.2   Copyright (C) 1987-2018 GAMS Development. All rights reserved
Licensee: GAMS Development Corporation, USA              G871201/0000CA-ANY
          Free Demo, +1 202-342-0180,, DC0000
--- Starting compilation
--- gdxmrw03.gms(15) 2 Mb
--- call =rm r1_result.gdx r2_result.gdx rfull_result.gdx rsparse_result.gdx
rm: r1_result.gdx: No such file or directory
rm: r2_result.gdx: No such file or directory
rm: rfull_result.gdx: No such file or directory
rm: rsparse_result.gdx: No such file or directory
--- gdxmrw03.gms(18) 2 Mb
--- call =matlab -r r_batch -logfile r_batch.log -nosplash -nodisplay -nojvm
--- gdxmrw03.gms(18) 2 Mb 1 Error
*** above call failed, RC=1
*** ERRORLEVEL set to 1
--- gdxmrw03.gms(20) 2 Mb
*** Error "r1_result.gdx does not exist"
--- gdxmrw03.gms(21) 2 Mb 2 Errors
*** Error "r2_result.gdx does not exist"
--- gdxmrw03.gms(22) 2 Mb 3 Errors
*** Error "rfull_result.gdx does not exist"
--- gdxmrw03.gms(23) 2 Mb 4 Errors
*** Error "rsparse_result.gdx does not exist"
There were errors: not all tests passed
--- gdxmrw03.gms(26) 2 Mb 5 Errors
*** Status: Compilation error(s)
--- Job gdxmrw03.gms Stop 02/21/18 18:31:55 elapsed 0:00:00.027
Any help with this issue as well as the one linked above is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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