Help with Gams and Excel interfase

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Help with Gams and Excel interfase

Post by dgormaz » 1 year ago

I want to know how to show my results in excel. I have a lot of variables and I do not know how to show them all without writing them one by one. Also, I tried to do this, and it don't show me all the results:
< Execute_unload "resultados.gdx" F2.L F2.M
execute 'gdxxrw.exe resultados.gdx o=resultados.xls var=F2.L rng=newsheet2!'
execute 'gdxxrw.exe resultados.gdx o=resultados.xls var=F2.M rng=NewSheet!'>
In the spreadsheet it show me this:
And in the lst file it show me this:

I want to know if the reason why I can not see the other values ​​is because there is a '.' in the results (and to know how show all the results without writing them).


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Re: Help with Gams and Excel interfase

Post by bussieck » 1 year ago

GAMS is a sparse system and it does not store 0 and hence can't write them out to Excel. You will find more posts in the forum how to address this.


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