Get a MPS file using NEOS/GAMS web interface

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Get a MPS file using NEOS/GAMS web interface

Post by abb.omidi » 1 year ago

Dear community team,

I'm trying to use Neos/GAMS to solve an optimization problem. I will need to get a MPS file from the model. With using GAMS IDE it is easy to use an option file to get it but, it needs a licence file for large models.

My question is, is there any way to get an MPS file using the Neos/GAMS web interface? Or does anyway exist to get an MPS file into the GAMS IDE (local installation) without having a licence file for large models?

Omidi .A

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Re: Get a MPS file using NEOS/GAMS web interface

Post by achristensen » 1 year ago

Hi Omidi,
I am not as clear on why you would need an MPS file... but NEOS is a great tool... so this is worth figuring out. I typically engage with NEOS through the Kestrel 'solver' rather than their webforms. By using Kestrel the gams model is packaged up automatically and sent to NEOS and then the result is returned to your working directory just as if you ran the model locally. It's kinda like magic. :)

To use NEOS with a larger model you will still need a gams base license so that you can first formulate the problem... but then you can take advantage of the NEOS platform to experiment with many different solvers.

I'm telling you all this in case you can get around your need of an MPS file. If you still need an MPS file, perhaps you can post a bit of code you are working with and I can help out more.


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