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Exporting results from GDX to MySQL RDBMS

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 1:40 pm
by akram
Hello everyone!
I wanted to reach out regarding one issue I came across recently. I was searching for possible ways to export the results which are in gdx files (with large number of variables) to MariaDB MySQL RDBMS directly without first converting them to csv file. Since, I have multiple variables and result data is also quite large, I wanted to automate this in GAMS so it can automatically do an export instead of doing it one by one using gdx viewer. The other way I found was to use csv files and then export them to the database using python script which automatically does that but then first I have to figure out a way to convert gdx to csv, which can be done using put statements but it would be really nice if there is another, more efficient way of doing that where I can export multiple variables to a csv file (Can GDXDUMP be used for multiple variables?). If anyone has tried something similar it will be good to know otherwise any other suggestion for a different approach which I can adopt will be appreciated.

Best regards,