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The good source for learning ScenRed

Post by f4r3in » 2 months ago

Hi, I need a method to reduce the number of scenarios. I did a little searching on the net and I find "ScenRed" tool in GAMS.
Does anyone know a good source for learning this tool to reduce the scenario? Please introduce.
Suitable source = book, article, GAMS code, example and so on

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Re: The good source for learning ScenRed

Post by aileen » 2 months ago


If you want to learn the tool SCENRED/SCENRED2 for scenario reduction take a look at the documentation of the tool (see SCENRED documentation and SCENRED2 documentation). The documentation also provides you with a short description of the algorithms used and references of papers the tool is based on. Note that SCENRED2 is the latest version and provides some additional features, so I would recommend you to use SCENRED2. At the end of the documentation of SCENRED2 you find a description on how to use the simplified interface to SCENRED2 which is sufficient in most cases.
You can find examples using the tool in the GAMS model library:
- Aileen

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