Course: Energy and Power System modeling in GAMS

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Course: Energy and Power System modeling in GAMS

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Get familiar with energy and power system modeling in GAMS!
•Best practices from seasoned experts
•Comprehensive and hands-on four-day course
•Build your model from scratch in a step by step approach through several examples

•No prior knowledge of GAMS required

This course is for you if you want to...
•get familiar with the GAMS language and modeling system

•learn how to implement optimization problems in GAMS
•learn about state-of-the art methods in energy and power system optimization using GAMS

What you get
•Four interactive days filled with content by the experts: presentations, examples, exercises
•USB-drive with all presentations, example code, solutions to the exercises, and...
•...the latest GAMS system with many solvers: unlimited-size license valid for several weeks after the course
•A printed copy of the course material
•Daily 3-course business lunches and tea/coffee breaks with snacks & beverages
•A certificate upon completion of the course
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