ORISE Fellowship at EPA

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ORISE Fellowship at EPA

Post by bussieck » 2 years ago

Crossposting from GAMS-L by Andrew Schreiber:

Hi folks,

We have a research fellowship in the EPA’s National Center for Environmental Economics that may be a good fit for recent Masters or PhD graduates. It is a one year + fellowship where the individual would have an opportunity to work closely with NCEE economists on various policy-relevant research topics. While we envision the individual helping to build CGE modeling capacity, direct modeling experience is not necessary. Rather, we are looking for someone with solid econometric skills that can help us improve calibration through parameter estimation as well as someone comfortable working with larger datasets such as the Consumer Expenditure Survey for analysis of potential distributional impacts of policy.

Please see the specifics at the link below. Candidates must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Job Title: Research on Regulatory Design, Benefit-Cost Analysis, and Economic Impacts

Reference Code: EPA-OP-NCEE-2018-01

Apply at: https://www.zintellect.com/Opportunity/ ... EE-2018-01


Andrew Schreiber

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