Identifying infeasible runs

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Identifying infeasible runs

Post by teo21r » 1 week ago


I am running a GAMS model once for each observation/firm in my dataset. The total number of observations is 121 (set i /1*121/). I get a locally infeasible solution (i.e., Model Status 5 Locally Infeasible). The picture below shows the summary report I get for the variable that defines the objective value to be optimized (i.e., z2)

If I am right, number 8 next to INFEASIBLE denotes the rows/columns in my model that are infeasible. This number does not necessarily reflect which of the 121 runs resulted in an infeasible solution, right (I am saying this because I have run models where this number exceeded the total number of observations in my dataset)?

Is there a way to see which of the 121 performed runs resulted in an infeasible solution? If yes, then is there a command that will allow me to export the related observation IDs (i.e., the IDs of those observations (i, i=1,...,121) for which the model yielded an infeasible solution)?

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