Modelling Load shedding

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Modelling Load shedding

Post by NN6 » 2 years ago

Hi there!
I am quite new to Gams and am still frequently running into problems, so I was hoping that maybe one of you guys could give me some input on how to solve my problem.

I have a model of an energy market with the different powerplants, the renewable energy feed in and the demand for energy for each hour of the year (t1-t8760) and also all sorts of data concerning the restriction and costs of the energy production from the powerplants. My objective is to minimize the costs in the system while keeping an energy balance. Now I am planning on adding load shedding as a flexibility option.

Its restrictions are:
- the max. capacity for load shedding is 730MW,
- load shedding can be used for 1-4 hours in a row,
- after being activated 24 hours have to pass until the next activation
- load shedding can be activated no more than 40 times a year

So the first restriction seems straight forward to implement into Gams. After adding load shedding to my equations and defining it as a positive variable I would add the restriction:

After this I am not sure how to proceed. I was thinking that it could be a good idea to add something like a "time storage" where in every time step 1 is added and once load shedding is used it gets set back to -24. This way I could add the restriction that load shedding can only be activated after the "time storage" is >= 0. Also I would need a way to count the number of activations to implement the last restriction.

Well, as some of you might have noticed I do not quite know how to proceed and would be thankful for any suggestions! Also I hope I could describe my problem in an understandable way.

Cheers and thank you guys!

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