Time discretization

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Time discretization

Post by pedropablo » 1 year ago

Hello there,
I'm looking for your help

I have some doubts writing next equations

I've written this part as a parameter as follow

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[/temprano(i,k)$order(k,i) =       Release(i) + sum(kk$predecesores(k,kk,i),smin(j$J2(j,i,kk),Tproc(i,k,j)))]
[code][/fin(i,k)$order(k,i)      =       Duedate(i) - sum(kk$sucesores(k,kk,i),smin(j$J2(j,i,kk),Tproc(i,k,j)));]

then with those equations, I have to build new sets/parameters and write these equations.
I don't know if I have to write these as variables or parameters

Could you help me please
thanks in advance 


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