Include LES demand elasticity in CGE model

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Include LES demand elasticity in CGE model

Post by veronna » 10 months ago

I am trying to include LES demand elasticity in the constructed CGE model to examine the welfare impact of a policy shock.
Thus, I tried to prepare a list of this elasticity values (for different commodities by different segments) in my base model using parameter as following.

LESELAST(C,H) Expenditure elasticity of marketed DD for C by hoh H
COM01 0.54 0.65 0.7 ....
COM02 0.55 0.56 ...

However, the results seem failed. There are few errors I got from the solver, such as
***Error 170 in C (Domain violation for element)
***Error 1 in C (Real number expected)
***Error 148 in C (Dimension different - The symbol is referenced with more/ less indices as declared)
***Error 334 in C (Illegal data following a data element- rest ignored)

From the above results I got, I fall in dilemma that I don't know what's wrong with my model. So, may I know is there any solution to this problem?
Greatly appreciated and million thanks in advance for any reply.

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Re: Include LES demand elasticity in CGE model

Post by Renger » 10 months ago

Hi Verona

Without your complete code it is almost impossible to help you, as the error can be anywhere.
Please attach your model.


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