Nonlinear constraints in MINLP model

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Nonlinear constraints in MINLP model

Post by mbh » 1 month ago

Hi all,
I have a mixed integer non linear model and now I am trying to reduce the number of nonlinear constraints because the model is very big and I keep getting infeasibilities or errors.

Two of the constraints that are non linear are as following:

const11(n).. p(n) =e= 1 - (1 + (d(n) / 229)) ** (-0.2);

const12(n).. il(n) =e= p(n) * y(n) ;

where d(n) and y(n) are choice variables.

I tried using grid point approximation but since the constranits are not seperable I had a hard time in grid point approximation.
Does anyone have any idea how to change these two nonlinear constraints into linear constraints?

I appreciate your help.


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