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if statement problem in inventory routing model

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 5:39 pm
by irem
I'm working on a model for my thesis. I ran into some errors when running the model. But I didn't find out how to fix these errors. The model file is attached. I'm getting that error. I would be very glad if you could help. Thank you.

102 A.l(i,'4',k,t)$(d(m,t,i) gt r(m,t))=A.l(i,'10',k,t) ;
**** $149 $149 $141
103 A.l(i,'2',k,t)$(d(m,t,i) gt r(m,t))=A.l(i,'11',k,t) ;
**** $149 $149
104 A.l(i,'6',k,t)$(d(m,t,i) gt r(m,t))=A.l(i,'12',k,t) ;
**** $149 $149
105 A.l(i,'3',k,t)$(d(m,t,i) gt r(m,t))=A.l(i,'13',k,t) ;
**** $149 $149
114 B(i,k,t)=1$(d(m,t,i) gt r(m,t));
**** $143
GAMS 25.1.1 r66732 Released May 19, 2018 LEX-LEG x86 64bit/Linux 04/23/19 10:36:58 Page 2
G e n e r a l A l g e b r a i c M o d e l i n g S y s t e m
Error Messages

141 Symbol declared but no values have been assigned. Check for missing
data definition, assignment, data loading or implicit assignment
via a solve statement.
A wild shot: You may have spurious commas in the explanatory
text of a declaration. Check symbol reference list.
143 A suffix is missing
149 Uncontrolled set entered as constant

**** 10 ERROR(S) 0 WARNING(S)

Re: if statement problem in inventory routing model

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:38 pm
by bussieck
What do you try to accomplish with the statements A.l() = ...? and B() = $()? Are these constraints or what?