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Binary(discrete) variables in PATH solver?

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 2:37 am
by yucono
Dear helpers,

Is there anyways to have Binary(discrete) variables in PATH solver ?
The error message tells that "discrete variables can only apprear in MIP, RMIP, MINLP, RMINLP, MIQCP, RMIQCP, MPEC, RMPEC. "
I need to use PATH to deal with complementarity issues, but now I got stuck with binary.

Here is the codes I am using

Binary variable

Cumulative(t) .. b(t) =e= (1-m)*(l(t)-y(t)) + b2(t-1) + u2(t) - q(t) ;

Model EATAS / ....., Cumulative.z , .......... /;
option mcp = path;
solve EATAS using mcp;

Thank you very much in advance !