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Help regarding 'Problem infeasibility'

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2020 12:58 pm
by Indrajith R S
Hi all,
I am a beginner in gams modelling and I'm doing a milp program to design a risk reduced and Sustainable supply chain model with reduced cost.
I developed the model and tried to solve it by coding in gams.Hypothetical values were initially put for various factors like cost,index etc. But during solving i got the message that the problem was infeasible/unbounded and have no solutions.
Im quite confused about what to do.

My model and program code have been attached herewith. Corrections and suggestions regarding what's wrong would be a great help for me.


[attachment=1]M2 2.gms[/attachment]
[attachment=0]sc model FINAL PROG.docx[/attachment]