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Turned A (for all/for each) Symbol

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:52 pm
by marape
Hello everyone,

I am building the last constraint of my optimisation model.
I want each element of my F(n) variable to be lower than an equation but it seems like I cannot include the 'for each' symbol

n all foods
$include %primary%foods.txt
F0(n) food units at time 0
$include %primary%units.txt

F(n) number of food units
Positive Variable F;
F.L(n) = F0(n);
Eq_minimumvar minimum amount
Eq_minimumvar.. F(n) =g=((F0(n)-((0.0099)*F0(n)))); -> with this equation I want to say that:
F(n1) =g=((F0(n1)-((0.0099)*F0(n1))))
F(n2) =g=((F0(n2)-((0.0099)*F0(n2))))
F(n3) =g=((F0(n3)-((0.0099)*F0(n3)))) etc.
for each n element.

Anyone could help?

Thanks in advance!