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Modeling a logical condition in GAMS

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 6:08 am
by PauloRodriguez
First of all i wish to tell that i am new in this forum so forgive me for any errors but i really need your help.

I am currently doing my last academic work at the university on a MIP model about planning offloading operations on oil plataforms.

I have a condition in my work i just dont know how to implement in GAMS, it's like:

IF (capacity of plataform i - stocked oil volume of platform i <= diary production i), THEN ta (i,k)=1

Just explaining a little bit, each platform products a fixed amount of oil and its has a maximum capacity so, when it can not generates more oil, it sstops its production, so the binary variable ta(i,k) becomes 1. I want to force the binary variable to be 1 if that condition is satisfied, otherwise, the binary variable is 0. But if you see the condition depends of a variable (stocked oil volume) because the other two are parameters.

I just dont know how to implement that on a MIP Model.

I wish you guys could help me. :D :|