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Display optimal solution

Post by MX312 » 2 months ago

Hey everyone,

I'm quite new to gams and to solve a problem where I have to find an optimal order quantity.
In my model I am using a method where the optimal quantity is found by minimizing the average costs for each period.
I actually think that my model is fine but I'm struggling with displaying my optimal solution.

Basically I want the model to display the optimal quantity y and the minimal costs (C). But as C is not indexed I don't think that I can use the operation SMIN.
I also tried to display y and C below each other (see line 45 / 46 of my model) to see if I can find the solution manually. But as you can see only the C-value of the last loop is displayed.
Also in my actual model I'm calculating the costs for order quantities from 1 to 1500 - so this would be very arduous.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?
Thanks :)
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