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shift assignment

Post by baybora » 2 months ago

Hello, I have a problem with modeling, and I'd appreciate it if you could help.
It's a problem that needs to be processed in 3 different departments, and I've had no problem identifying them, but the daily shift numbers of all these departments are different.
department 1: 3 shifts
department2: 1 shift
department3 : 2 shifts
i "The index of orders" /i1*i16/
j "The index of machine types" /j1*j4/
k "The index of hive type" /k1*k11/
t "The index of days" /t1*t6/
o "The index of shitf" /t1*t3/

While certain products can go from department 1 to department 2, all products must go to departments 1 and 3 respectively, as an example of how to stream shifts for this problem, a product produced at the end of shift 1 to 2 on Monday cannot go to department 2 or 3 on the same day. Thank you in advance for your help.

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