Help erreur 119: Number (primary) expected

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Help erreur 119: Number (primary) expected

Post by Elvis » 5 months ago

I am new, I am looking for a solution for my code. I need your help please.

My code sends me error 119. Despite all my efforts I cannot solve the problem.

Here is :


i kinds of energy technologies /bb, ngb, hp, ec, eb /
k number of commercial buildings / 5 /
l number of residential buildings / 29 /
h hours /h1, h2, h3, h4/
s seasons / summer, winter/;


*-------------ANNUALIZED CAPITAL COST------------------------
cap(i) installed capacity of technology in MW
/ bb 5
ngb 5
hp 0.25
ec 0.25
eb 0.25/

ccap(i) unit capital cost of technologies in $
/ bb 1149000
ngb 166250
hp 279000
ec 1
eb 1/

db distance between buildings k and l
/ commercialresidential 350
residentialcommercial 350 /

n life of year of technologies
/bb 40
ngb 40
hp 20
ec 20
eb 20/

v values to limit the charge and discharge rates
/ v1 20
v2 20
v3 20
v4 30
v5 20
v6 20
v7 20 /;

*-------------MODEL VARIABLES---------------------------------

sngbheat(k,h,s) heating supply from natural gas boiler
sbbheat(k,h,s) heating supply from biomass boiler

epur(k,h,s) quantity of electricity purchased

ebb(k,h,s) biomass boiler’s power consumption
eeb(k,h,s) electric boiler's power consumption
engb(k,h,s) natural gas boiler's power consumption
seccool(k,h,s) cooling supply from energy electric chillers

*-------------Capacity constraints------------------------
eeccool(k,h,s) electric chillers's power consumption
shp(k,h,s) heating supply energy provided by heat pump

*-------------Operation constraints------------------------
seccool(k,h,s) cooling supply energy from electric chillers
sebheat(k,h,s) heating supply energy from electric boiler
sbbheat(k,h,s) heating supply energy from biomass boiler
sngbheat(k,h,s) heating supply energy from natural gas boiler

*-------------Electrical balance------------------------
eDdelectric(k,h,s) electrical demand of buildings
ehp(k,h,s) heat pump's power consumption
eec(k,h,s) electric chiller's power consumption

*-------------Heating balance------------------------
sDdheat(k,h,s) heating demand
sheatflow(k,l,h,s) heating energy flowing from the building k to l
sheatflow(k,l,h,s) heating energy flowing from the building l to k
srecoheat(k,h,s) recovered heat from onsite generation

*-------------Cooling balance------------------------
sDdcool(k,h,s) heating demand
scoolflow(k,l,h,s) cooling energy flowing from the building k to l
scoolflow(k,l,h,s) cooling energy flowing from the building l to k

ngc unit cost of natural gas /0.053/
wpc wood pellets cost /1.35/
deltangbheat natural gas boiler efficiency /0.8/
deltabbheat biomass boiler efficiency /0.7/

ppur unit price of electricity purchase /0.45/

cmaint maintenance cost of each technology /0.75/

*-------------ANNUALIZED CAPITAL COST------------------------
ccappipe unit capital cost /75/
r interest rate of each technology /0.06/

*-------------ANNUALIZED CARBON EMISSIONS--------------------
betang natural gas emission factors /0.0731/
betabiomass biomass emission factors /1/
betagrid electricity grid emission factors /0.0865/

*-------------OPERATIONAL CONSTRAINTS-------------------------
deltaec electricity cooling efficiency /0.08/
deltahp heat pump efficiency /0.03/
deltabb biomass boiler efficiency /0.03/
deltangb natural gas boiler efficiency /0.03/

*-------------FOREST BIOMASS BOILER---------------------------

*-------------HEATING BALANCE---------------------------------
hlrheatpipe heating loss rate /0.07/

*-------------COOLING BALANCE---------------------------------
clrcoolpipe cooling loss rate /0/;

*Positive Variable ;

*Binary Variables

*-------------MODEL EQUATION------------------------------------------------------------------------

*objective function: obj







capc..=e=sum ((i,k,l),cap(i)*ccap(i)*[[r*(1+r)^n]/[(1+r)^n]-1])+sum((i,k,l),db(k,l)*ccappipe*[[r*(1+r)^n]/[(1+r)^n]-1])+sum((l,k),db(l,k)*ccappipe*[[r*(1+r)^n]/[(1+r)^n]-1]);

ace..=e=sum ((k,h,s),betang*[sngbheat(k,h,s)/ deltangbheat])+sum([betabiomasss*[sbbheat(k,h,s)/deltabbheat]])+sum([betagrid*epur(k,h,s)]);

*-------------CAPACITY CONSTRAINTS: energy supplied by each device does not exceed
*the installed capacity of the device----------------------------------

con1.. eeccool(k,h,s) =l=(i,cap(i));
con2.. eeb(k,h,s) =l= (i,cap(i));
con3.. engb(k,h,s) =l= (i,cap(i));
con4.. ebb(k,h,s) =l= (i,cap(i));
con5.. shp(k,h,s) =l= (i,cap(i));

*-------------OPERATIONAL CONSTRAINTS----------------------------------

con6.. seccool(k,h,s) =e= deltaec*eec(k,h,s);
con7.. sebheat(k,h,s) =e= deltaeb*eebheat(k.h.s);
con8.. sbbheat(k,h,s) =e= deltabb*ebbheat(k,h,s);
con9.. sngb(k,h,s) =e= deltangb*engb(k,h,s);

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