[Solved] To modify parameters in a dynamic CGE model?

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[Solved] To modify parameters in a dynamic CGE model?

Post by Estel » 4 months ago

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Hi All,
I'm a student learning CGE modeling.
Here is the model from GAMS library, a standard recursive dynamic CGE:
https://www.gams.com/latest/gamslib_ml/ ... yncge.html

My question is: Why cannot the following parameters be modified?
  • 'share par. in composite cons. func.' (alpha)
    'investment demand share' (lambda)
When I change the two parameters, the model gives me Infeasible solution.
I do not major in economics, cannot figure it out by myself, so this problem confuses me for quite a while.

Could someone kindly tell me why and how to modify the model allowing to change the two parameters?

P.S. the attachment is the same model with changes on these two parameters.

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