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Problems with syntax of GAMS
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use the answer that has been achieved

Post by Lucas » 11 months ago

Hi guys! I solved a MIP model with the option reslim = 2000 and got MODEL STATUS 8 Integer Solution status. Is it possible to run GAMS in seconds after 2000?

Is there a way I can save time And instead of running the program from the beginning, use the answer that has been achieved so far?

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Re: use the answer that has been achieved in 2000s in the 7200s running

Post by bussieck » 11 months ago

You can store a solution in a GDX point file (see option savepoint, ... Osavepoint). You can load this via execute_loadpoint ( ... _LOADPOINT). You also need to tell the solver to start from this (e.g. with Cplex use option mipstart, see ... EXmipstart). This is not restarting the algorithm from the point where it was holding the solution. It just initializes the algorithm with a starting point. All the work on the lower bound by exploring the B&C tree ist lost and needs to be redone.


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