Baron License error

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Baron License error

Post by fahime110 »

I am a student using a valid Community Academic License. I am having an issue with the BARON solver when running a MINLP model. It says I do not have a valid license and does not run. Below is my error.

I thought my community license does have the BARON solver included. What can I do?

Please help me.
ERROR below

GAMS/BARON 44.3.0 8b8fb1cb Sep 1, 2023 WEI x86 64bit/MS Window

*** No license found
*** See ... ver_Limits for details
*** To update your license, please contact your distributor.

--- Reading solution for model qs[LST:1861]
--- Executing after solve: elapsed 0:00:00.087[LST:1892]
--- Final code(v1) (1).gms(311) 5 Mb[FIL:"C:\Users\USER\Downloads\Final code(v1) (1).gms",311,0]
*** Status: Normal completion[LST:2004]
--- Job Final code(v1) (1).gms Stop 09/23/23 19:40:00 elapsed 0:00:00.088
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Re: Baron License error

Post by bussieck »

The error message is slightly misleading, it probably failed because the model you want to solve is too big for the community license. See ... ver_Limits for the model size limits for the community license. BARON has tighter limits than GAMS: "Antigone, Baron, and LindoGlobal require m≤300, n≤300, and nlnz≤100 with a community license."

SCIP is the only global solver that works with the GAMS community limit ( m≤5000, n≤5000).

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