two shock in two time in a loop

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two shock in two time in a loop

Post by atabesh » 1 week ago

hello my friends

I work in a recursive dynamic CGE model.
my set is
t time /1*20 /;
I want to have one shock from t=1 to t=4 (for example increase tax) and I want to have another shock from t=5 to t=20 (for example increase productivity). But I do not know how I can write a loop for this purpose. please help me

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Re: two shock in two time in a loop

Post by Renger » 1 week ago


You can loop over the whole horizon and change the parameters for the shocks. Here some example code:

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set t Periods /1*20/;

set sc /BAU, SHOCK/;

parameter parshock(sc,t)  Shock some parameters

parshock(sc,t) = 0;
parshock("SHOCK",t)$(t.val < 5) = 2;
parshock("SHOCK",t)$(t.val > 4) = 3;

      myparam = parshcok(sc,t);
      solve model...
      change capital using investments
I usually add for each scenario a set like the following:

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set sc /BAU, SHOCK/,
     BAU(sc)  /BAU/,
     SHOCK(sc)  /SHOCK/;
Now I can run the loop for a specific scenario without having to run all the other scenarios.

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