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Waste management problem

Post by keatzaii » 2 weeks ago


I am a beginner in GAMS and I'm working on waste-to-energy.
Is there any models in the GAMS Model Library that can be related to waste management optimization? My objective functions are the minimization of cost and greenhouse gas emission.

Many thanks.

Ana Raquel Aguiar
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Re: Waste management problem

Post by Ana Raquel Aguiar » 2 weeks ago


I've never seen one in GAMS Library, but there might be. Also, there is a recent article comparing different modeling formulations for waste collection: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.omega.2013.11.006
I believe that you should start by defining your problem, for example, will you only have a depot or several? If you have several, do trucks have to depart and return to the same depot?
Once you have your problem well defined you can search for similar problems in the library (VRPs in other fields, for example).

Best regards,
Raquel Aguiar.

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