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Problems with syntax of GAMS
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CSV File

Post by cicirabis » 4 days ago

Hello there,
I want import a csv file into gams. I tried all the things on internet. But I could not get success.

My csv file include 860 rows and just 2 columns with index.
Also my code is very short. I only have difficulties in this part.
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this is my file, I also tried is as firstly blank character.
What you suggest me?
Thank you very much
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this is my code

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Re: CSV File

Post by bussieck » 4 days ago

Just remove the ";" from the csv file name: "$include rabis.csv", as in all examples in the GAMS docs (see, e.g. https://www.gams.com/latest/docs/UG_Dat ... search=csv). There are many other errors in your model.

Good luck,

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