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Exporting data from MATLAB to GAMS through GDX files

Posted: Fri Oct 29, 2021 10:15 am
by opalmafl
Hi all,

I need some help to create a GDX from data I collected in MATLAB.
Actually, I need to create a 'set' and a 'parameter'. The problem is that the current parameter is 'set' sized.
e.g., the set 'j' has a dimension 1*100, while the parameter is par(i)

I created the parameter in MATLAB as follows: = 'i';
si.type = 'set';
si.dim = 1;
si.ts = 'number of finite elements';
si.val = 1:100';

Parameter is as follows: = 'hbi';
hbp.type = 'parameter';
hbp.dim = 1;
hbp.uels = {'i'};
hbp.ts = 'Finite Element Lengths';
hbp.val = DATA;

wgdx('INNER_INPUT_PAR.gdx',si, hbp)

where "DATA" (values for the parameter 'hbi') has the same dimension as set 'i', i.e., a vector of 100 elements.

when create the GDX file with function "wgdx" MATLAB display the error message: Number of index columns in sparse '.val' does not match '.dim'.

I understand that my parameter must be a .dim = 100x2 double. The first column correspond to the ord(i) and the second column is DATA. But I don't know how so do this. In examples the .dim is assigned manually e.g., .dim = [1, 2; 2, 10; 3, 40]; This is easy for short data, how ever for large scale data it is more convenient to use a different method.

I would like to know how to create my parameter sush that it is readable in a GAMS file through a GDX file.

In advance thank you for your help and support.

Best Regards,